Using Homeowners Insurance to Pay for Your Repairs

In the event that your home or its contents are damaged, homeowners insurance typically provides some level of financial protection.

You can cover your home with many different types of insurance policies. They extend from basic policies to those that will give a much more extensive range of coverage. The type of policy coverage depends on what to you intend to cover for a price you are comfortable paying.
What does homeowners insurance policies cover?

Homeowners insurance will mostly cover damage brought about by hazards such as a flame, lightning, hail, windstorms, burglary, or vandalism. Some homeowners insurance cover extra risks also. Commonly, earthquakes and floods are excluded. It’s essential to talk with your agent to understand what the insurance may and may not cover.
Homeowners insurance policies

• Dwelling coverage: Pays to repair or remake your home (including electrical wiring, pipes, and HVAC) if the damage has been caused by the covered risk. It’s essential to purchase enough dwelling coverage to take care of the expense to rebuild.
• Personal property coverage: This type of policy repays you for the individual things in your home that might be damaged by the risk insured against, which could incorporate your furniture, garments, sporting equipment, and electronics.
• Loss of use coverage: Pays your extra housing and life expenses encountered on the off chance that you should move out of your home briefly while it’s being rebuilt.
• Other structures insurance coverage: When damage occurs to your garage, fence, sheds, or other moscellaneous structures on your property, this type of insurance insurance will pay you to repair or replace them.
• Additional home coverage: There are other insurances that your insurance agent will be able to help you with.

We hope this information helps you with your roof damage claim. We are not insurance professionals and we do not offer professional insurance advice. We encourage you to discuss your situation with your insurance professional.

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